Exp/Sp = 450x
Party Exp = 1000x
Item Drop = 100x
Gold Drop = 500x
Job = 200x
Max Degree = 12


Dear visitors & players,
before registering and or downloading DragonSro Online,
we would like to introduce you a few things about the game.

DragonSro is online since more than a half year and have been built up with professionalism and seriousness of our team members and its FREE TO PLAY, LAG FREE, BUG FREE & SECURED for a comfortable gameplay!!!
Bots are also ALLOWED!!!
The max level of the servers are 120, with different rates which you can see in the left side.
DragonSro does update constantly, weekly or monthly,however, big updates will be made then.
For support you can use the forum or the ingame GM support.
More information can be taken from the forum.
Thank you

DragonSRo Online